• Posted on: 22 February 2012
  • By: isport

On the surface Tottenham seem to be a likable team, with a likable manager, likable fans and a proud history. This is however not the case. They are not everyone’s second team, they have not somehow become the best side in London and they are not a likable club.


  • Posted on: 15 November 2011
  • By: isport

If only Huerelho Gomes played in nets for Spurs every week!!

Sadly he's been demoted to deputy goalkeeper this season, with Brad Friedel taking his place between the posts, but not before he's had his fair share of blunders.

Over the past few seasons he must have personally cost Tottenham at least 20 points, and also managed to drop this clanger in their match against Real Madrid last season! When you're playing against Ronaldo, Kaka et al, THIS is exactly what you don't need!

Modric Out if Spurs Finish 5th

  • Posted on: 30 April 2010
  • By: isport

Tottenham have a huge task on their hands this summer as Manchester United have made Luka Modric their number one transfer target. The little Croatian has been sitting in the Tottenham Hospitality seats recently, rather than on the pitch, and has been targeted by the red devils who are prepared to offer in the region of £25million to make the switch to Old Trafford.