• Posted on: 2 October 2013
  • By: isport

The Tottenham Hotspur manager, Andre Villas-Boas, has said that his relationship with Jose Mourinho is not as good as it used to be a few years back.

Villas-Boas who is just 35 years of age at the moment was Mourinho’s assistant for quite some time and worked under him at 3 different clubs. They decided to part ways 4 years back in 2009.

Villas-Boas will be up against his former boss on Saturday as his team Tottenham will take on Chelsea at White Hart lane.

In the press conference ahead of that game, when Villas-Boas was asked about his relationship with Mourinho, he said, “We used to have a fantastic relationship a few years ago, but, things have changed now. Our relationship is not the same.”

“The reason behind our split was that I wanted a change in my role. I wanted to be moved to a position much closer to the manager so that I could do that extra bit for him. But, he thought that there was no need to change my role. So, eventually, we decided to part ways.”

Villas-Boas also said that he wants a bit more from himself and from his team this season.

This is the first time that Villas-Boas is managing a team for the second successive season. His tenures at his previous 3 clubs were limited to one season only, but, here at Tottenham, the Portuguese manager has been given the opportunity to continue for the second season as well.

Villa-Boas said, “I want more out of myself and my team this season. We have signed some innovative players and we are much stronger this time around. Hopefully, it will be another good season for us.”

Tottenham is currently at no. 3 in the Premier League points table with 12 points.