Mauricio Pochettino not worried about Kevin Friend

  • Posted on: 5 May 2016
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Mauricio Pochettino says it had been no matter of worry for him that Kevin Friend, a so-called Leicester City supporter, was going to be in operation in Tottenham’s game against Stoke on Monday.

The Football Association pulled Friend out of that game yesterday after rising concerns of the Spurs supporters on Twitter and other social websites and instead allotted the game to another referee.

It did not amuse everyone around though.
Leicestershire is the place where Friend belongs to and so his attachment with Leicester City Football club is not uncommon and it’s only obvious that he’s been spotted watching some of the Foxes’ games live alongside his buddies.

But, he is a match referee by trade. So, when he is doing his job, you suppose him to forget his personal likings at that time.

However, if his appointment for a particular game has been cancelled because of the fact that one of the teams playing in that game is in fight with his favourite team for the title, it’s sending a signal across that he is not trusted enough to be impartial with his decisions and that’s a very, very wrong signal to be sent across according to some Football scholars.

While, Pochettino was not eager to get into the debate how right or wrong FA’s call of taking Friend out is, he did say that he was ready for the game to be organized under the charge of any referee including Friend.

The Argentinean also supported the view of his Arsenal counterpart Arsene Wenger that credibility of match officials should be maintained.

As per Pochettino, he or his club has never complained about any match official and has always respected those who have been given the duty in the Tottenham matches.