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Mauricio Pochettino: Tottenham Hotspur Team Disappointed This Season

  • Posted on: 7 December 2018
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Mauricio Pochettino, the Tottenham Hotspur boss has mentioned that he has been really disappointed with the players of his team after they had been successful in defeating Manchester United. Spurs have managed to secure a win at Old Trafford in the campaign and immediately after this their focus had shifted. The players of Tottenham had started talking about the title that they won instead of being grounded regarding this.

This has angered Pochettino and has annoyed with his team. However, he saw an improvement in them during the weekend. Tottenham had been successful in Chelsea by 3-1 at Wembley and had been dominated all throughout the derby of London.
However, Pochettino says that the players of his team had been most focused till now after their big victory around. He states that he had been so pleased after the match. It has been a very good victory for them. Nevertheless, the most important thing is to be humble. He had been disappointed after the victory against Manchester United victory in Old Trafford. He remembers that a lot of players had been talking about this win and it was during the beginning and 3 points like others.

“He goes on to say that he had been pleased because being humble is the most important thing. “Now, they have to show tomorrow they are in a good manner and use this Chelsea performance as an example. Irrespective of beating Chelsea, Tottenham have some days coming up. Spurs are going to play against Inter Milan in the latter half of the evening and have to win in order to maintain their position in the Champions League prior to facing “Arsenal during the weekend“. Tottenham has a new stadium and was supposed to play by now but things have not gone according to the plan.