Pochettino not too keen at new signings in winter

  • Posted on: 4 January 2019
  • By: content

Mauricio Pochettino reckons that it’s quite hard for the players to walk into a club in the middle of the season and get going straightaway. Every club has different culture, different style of play, the teams have different formations. So the players gradually understand it with time and then ease into playing and performing for the club. It happens over time and not straightaway.

That’s why it’s always good that you make your signings in the summer rather than winter because if you buy someone in summer, the player gets that time during the pre-season to settle within the group and adapt himself to the club’s brand of Football. When he comes in winter, he doesn’t have that time.

According to Pochettino, if you have a certain requirement in a particular department and you find exactly the kind of player you need to fulfill the requirement, then you can probably go for him mid-season, but if you don’t need someone desperately, there is no need to make a signing just for the sake of making a signing.

“Pochettino says that rather than making new signings and landing new players, he is actually interested in doing some outsourcing activity this winter“and is looking to place some players on loan, those players who are not getting the playing opportunity at Tottenham. They must be sent somewhere else “where they can get“ the playing opportunity.

“Sometimes it’s better not to sign if you don’t find the right player. And players who maybe don’t play too much need to go and play in another club.” Pochettino was quoted saying by The Guardian.

Tottenham is the third placed team in the Premiership table at the moment as they have gathered 36 points in 16 games.