• Posted on: 7 March 2014
  • By: isport

Tottenham manager Tim Sherwood has expressed his confidence that his club can beat the likes of Chelsea, Liverpool, and Arsenal in the remainder of the season to finish in the top four. Tottenham spent more than £ 100 million in revamping the squad in the hope of finishing in the top four.

Even though they recouped most of the money through the sale of Gareth Bale, it is still a very sizeable investment from the club in the summer, as they look to get a Champions League spot next season. However, a poor start to the campaign meant that Liverpool have taken the advantage towards finishing in the top four.

Tottenham are already five points behind the top four with only 10 matches remaining in the season. Further, they have a tough run of fixtures coming up with matches against Chelsea, Arsenal, and Liverpool in the remainder of the season. Many reckon that the tough fixture list compared to their rivals puts Tottenham at a disadvantage compared to the likes of Liverpool and Manchester United. Yet, Sherwood, who replaced Andre Villas-Boas midway through the season, says that Tottenham can come out much stronger despite the tough upcoming matches.

"I don't know about Chelsea being more ambitious than us, we're going to the Bridge and that's definitely tough, but sometimes expectancy works against you. Some of our fans might have been rubbing their hands expecting a few goals against Cardiff, but it doesn't work like that. You've got to earn the right for everything. Sometimes when the expectation is not with you, it makes it a little bit easier,” said Sherwood, whose Tottenham team make the short trip to Stamford Bridge next weekend.

Tottenham also have to look at the Europa league quarter-final matches against Benfica in between the league encounters.