Stadium Construction Hit by Union Strike

  • Posted on: 11 October 2017
  • By: isport

There are rumours that Tottenham’s construction of a new 60,000 seater stadium could be delayed as a result of a strike action by Wolffkran. The club have been able to demolish the old White Hart Lane in order to construct a new stadium, which is being constricted at a cost of £ 700 million.

Once built, it may be the England’s most expensive stadium. It is expected to significantly boost Tottenham’s profile across the world while also bringing in significant revenue in the way of matchday income. Tottenham are currently playing at the new Wembley as a temporary home before the construction work ends.

Spurs are expected to enter into the new home in time for the start of the 2018-19 season, with tickets to their opeing fixture (in the close season) soon to be available on

However, it appears that work on the stadium could be delayed after the workers union recently came up with a 24-hour strike over a dispute of pay. HTC Wolffkran are the company behind the construction of the major works, and it is understood that they have not been returning to the negotiation table after the first round of talks failed. The union members recently came up with the vote in order to carry out the strike. The workers are eligible for a two year contract where there is a 3% increase in wages.

“Despite seeking fresh talks to avoid strike action, we have been unable to reach a satisfactory agreement and therefore have no option but to take strike action. Our members are simply not in a position to meekly accept an imposed pay increase, which is a pay cut in real terms compared to the current rate of RPI. This so called increase is in effect a substantial reduction when compared to the increases that workers are receiving in the industry,” said a construction officer for Unite regarding the strike.

Tottenham will be hoping to stay in the Champions League next season so that they can maximise revenues at the new stadium, but so far they have struggled so far to repeat last season's form.