Tottenham All Set to Let Go Josh Onomah

  • Posted on: 12 July 2019
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Josh Onomah had once been praised for great things at his club, Tottenham. However, now, it appears like Spurs is all set to send him to Championship permanently. There are few English young players who had been helped by Mauricio Pochettino at Tottenham to establish themselves as the stars of Premier League. It should be said that Onomah appears to be going down as the failure Argentine gaffer.

The midfielder appeared to be poised when it came to doing big things for the club North London only 2 seasons ago. He has made many cameos for Spurs during the tenure of Pochettino. Unluckily a long series of loans at Sheffield and Aston Villa have dimmed Ononmah to a great extent. It appears like his time is going to come to a pretty soon. According to reports, Steve Bruce, the manager is pretty keen on taking in Onomah permanently. Now, the only thing that is left for the English club is to decide on fair compensation.

Tottenham might not be able to raise considerable funds from this transfer. They are going to be happy to receive a few million for breaking the bank account for spending it on some other player. The transfer fee of Onomah is not going to put a dent on what the clubs prefer to spend for bringing in Tanguy Ndombele. However, it might help the club to pay small amounts of the stadium debt. This move might be pretty helpful for Onomah in time to come. At present, he is a long way from establishing himself as a regular player at Tottenham. If he moves to a team for a permanent basis it will enable him to settle into the playing style and culture of the club. Thus, it will help him to give a start to his promising career.