Tottenham Hotspurs Struggling to remain in English League

  • Posted on: 13 December 2014
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Tottenham Hotspurs has gone from being a club that managed to secure a European spot in the previous edition of the Premier League to a team that struggles just to remain in the middle section of the English League standings.

So far, there have been a total of 11 matches played in the Premier League and these initial stages of the season of Tottenham Hotspurs have been very inconsistent as the team of Mauricio Pochettino in one week manages to defeat Southampton but the next week losses consecutively against Manchester City and Newcastle United.

This is far from being the same squad that was able to catapult itself into the top section of the Premier League in their last season.

Mauricio Pochettino is one of the talking points of the Premier League as he is consistently being put to blame for the recent downhill road and underwhelming performances that Tottenham Hotspurs has been experiencing but Hugo Lloris believes that the problem isn’t the coach, the problem resides in the players.

‘’When it's the third coach in one year and there are problems, the coach is not necessarily the problem. We've been working though, trying to find solutions. I've known times like this at Lyon but, there, there was a real pressure every day and there was crisis management. In London, we're a bit more on our own, comfortable. We have to get out of this comfort because, if we ever have to fight against relegation, being comfortable won't help us’’
‘’It really bothers me that the coach is being blamed.We have a collective problem. We are growing during these moments; we are trying to find a solution’’ The French goalkeeper Hugo Lloris said as he displayed his full support towards Mauricio Pochettino.

After having gone through a successful time in charge of Southampton, Pochettino signed with Tottenham Hotspurs but things have not gone the way that the Argentine manager would have wished it to be after having sustained a number of defeats and dropped a large amount of points, it has not been the dream start that Pochettino and that fans of the club wanted it to be but there still is faith that the Argentine manager will turn things around soon.