• Posted on: 22 February 2012
  • By: isport

On the surface Tottenham seem to be a likable team, with a likable manager, likable fans and a proud history. This is however not the case. They are not everyone’s second team, they have not somehow become the best side in London and they are not a likable club.

Firstly their manager. Redknapp is being heralded as the next England manager, he seems to be almost everyone’s choice but the man is a crook. Yes, he was found not guilty of tax evasion and technically has not broken the law, but a bank account set up in his dog’s name, being paid into a Monaco bank account, the lack of transparency in his accounts.

The Spurs fans provide further reason to turn on their club. When Adebayour was playing for Arsenal and again when he played for Real Madrid against Tottenham they were heard singing racist songs about him, suggesting his “dad washes elephants” and his “mum is a whore”. Spurs sign him and they instantly take him to their hearts, chastising anyone who sings the songs they invented. I am not defending the singing of that song, it is repulsive, but the hypocrisy of the Spurs fans makes me sick.

The Spurs fans, the players, the manager and the owners all now seem to think that Tottenham are the best team in London. They have yet to finish a Premiership season in this position. They have had one season in the Champions League, finishing behind both Arsenal and Chelsea, and they proved they are not on a par with the City rivals by dropping out of Europe’s premier competition after one season.

They now find themselves as the highest placed London side in the table but only because of appalling season’s for both Arsenal and Chelsea and Tottenham’s decision to disregard the Europa League where they failed to make it out of a group where their opponents were Shamrock Rovers, Rubin Kazan and PAOK. Compare this to Arsenal and Chelsea who have both made it to the round of 16 in the Champions League in relatively under achieving seasons.

So as for Tottenham being everyone’s second side and one of the country’s most likable sides. Don’t make me laugh. They are far from it. Their fans, their manager and their attitude stinks and it is about time the rest of the country saw them for what they are.